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Large Dog Pee Pad Tray. Pick up pee pad throw it away then rinse/wipe the tray out if needed. The tray is designed to accommodate the fresh patch large dog grass pee pad (24 x 24).

Upgrade Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray (35
Upgrade Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray (35 from

The reason our review team chose this tray was because it is very easy to wash and you just have to remove it from its base and rinse with plain water or water mixed with any detergent. 1 für den besten preis! The grass is easily removed from the cardboard box and inserted in the plastic tray.

Upgrade Large Dog Grass Pad with Tray (35

Did you find what you were looking for? $79 meexpaws dog grass pee pads for dogs with tray | extra large 45× pet supplies dog supplies training obedience house training pads I put a pee pad inside in the tray and should it leak the pee is contained. This dog toilet tray is built to support the size of indoor potty grass for large dogs over 45 lbs or small dogs who simply like larger spaces.