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Are Wet Brushes Worth It. Are haas brushes worth it? How do you store paint brushes with cling?

Worth it? Wet Brush » Beauty Skeptic
Worth it? Wet Brush » Beauty Skeptic from

It tangles easily and i wash it about every 3 days. If a wetbrush can combat her hair, and her complaints are even halved this is a miracle brush. Hot air brushes are a great option if you like to style while you dry damp hair.

Worth it? Wet Brush » Beauty Skeptic

If you like big hair, opt for the behairful brush. High quality hair brushes have a higher polishing power resulting in a much better hairstyle. According to its website, the wet brush can also work on extensions and wigs. Expensive hair brushes are well worth the extra price because they not only last longer, but are made with much better materials.